Case Instagram


I found very nice the idea of a mobile case inspiring at Instagram app, but I never could find a pattern that I liked so I decided to invent one.
It is easy and it can be used as your imagination takes you.
The final size of this pattern is 12cm high and 7cm width. It fits an iPhone.


  • Fingering yarn: beige, brown, red, yellow, green, blue and black;
  • 1.75mm crochet hook;
  • Fabric glue;
  • 1 button;
  • Needle and thread for sewing.


ch = chain
sc = single crochet
dc = double 
sl st = slip stitch



Round 1 - With beige: chain 20, 1 dc on the third chain from hook, dc around. 5 dc on the last chain (the first made). Continue with dc on the other side of the chains. 5 dc on the last chain (the last made). Join, ch 2 (40 dc);



Round 2 to 13 - dc around, join, ch 2 (40 dc);
Round 14 to 18 - With brown: dc around, join, ch 1 (40 dc);


Round 19 - sc around. Mark the four central stitches of the front, sc on the first, chain 20, skip two stitches, sc around. (This will form the chain to hold the button). Join. Fasten off.


Round 1 - With black: Magic ring, ch 2 in ring, 12 dc in ring, join, ch 2 (12 dc);
Round 2 - 2 dc in each around, join, ch 2 (24 dc);
Round 3 - *2 dc in first, 1 dc in next*, repeat around, join;
Round 4 - With beige: sc around. 
Fasten off.


Row 1 - With black: ch 9, 1 sc on the second ch from the hook, sc around, ch 1 (8 sc);
Row 2 to 4 - sc around, ch 1.
Fasten off.


Row 1 - With red: ch 7, 1 sc on the second ch from the hook, sc around (6 sc);
Row 2 - With yellow: sc around (6 sc);
Row 3 - With green: sc around (6 sc);
Row 4 - With blue:  sc around (6 sc).
Fasten off.

Fix all the parts with glue.
Sew the button on the back.


It’s done!
I’m open for questions and sugestions.

This Case is avaible at Golem Golem store here.